Taskedin Meet

Experience a unique virtual meeting experience.

The first Arabic application for virtual meetings, developed by Arab hands.

  • Unlimited meeting time.
  • Unlimited number of participants.
  • Registration capability.

Welcome to Taskedin Meet!

In the midst of rapid technological advancement, virtual meetings have become essential in our daily lives. It was necessary to provide an application that supports this feature with the best quality and highest clarity.

Taskedin Meet, the first Arabic application for virtual meetings, completely free and developed by Arab hands, enjoy a perfect meeting experience with the best quality of audio and video and the highest degree of clarity in communications.

Because we care about enhancing your experience with us, we focus on providing exceptional quality voice and video calls. Let us take you on an exciting tour to explore more features of Taskedin Meet.


Ease and Flexibility

Taskedin Meet offers you several features and gives you access to them through a simple and flexible user interface that you can interact with without any complications.

High Quality

Taskedin Meet provides you with the highest quality of audio and video from anywhere, regardless of internet speed. You can achieve full efficiency in transmitting clear audio and video

Meeting Scheduling

With Taskedin Meet, schedule specific times and goals for your meeting, choose the files to present during the meeting, send alerts to all invitees about the timing, and get their confirmation of attendance.

Unlimited Users

Taskedin Meet allows you to add an unlimited number of participants to the meeting completely free of charge without the need to register any data, and with the highest quality and clarity of audio and video.

Unlimited Meeting Duration

With Taskedin Meet, we guarantee you to communicate with your team for a long and unlimited period with the highest quality completely free of charge. So, don't worry about losing connection, and your meeting won't end suddenly, forcing you to reconnect.

Document Display, Retrieval, and Download

Taskedin Meet allows you to display all documents during your meeting, regardless of their format or size, with utmost ease. You can also add the required files to be displayed before the meeting to save time and ensure complete review without editing the copies that will be presented by any attendees.
Through Taskedin Meet, you also control what documents participants display, to ensure that no inappropriate or irrelevant documents are displayed without your consent, saving time and effort.

Note-taking on the Whiteboard

Taskedin Meet gives you the ability to fully interact with your team in the meeting. Don't just settle for discussions and voice suggestions; you can also use the Whiteboard feature to discuss your ideas by using images, geometric shapes, and the ability to write and comment on them easily.

Meeting Recording and Retrieval

With Taskedin Meet, you can record your meetings in full for free with the highest quality, regardless of their duration, and retrieve any part of them in the shortest time possible.