Organize and manage your team like a boss with Taskedin, the best task management tool that Keeping everything together

Why Taskedin?
Taskedin fits each Teams’s needs

Whatever your department bring all of your tasks in one place

Marketing Team
You can manage your team, campaigns, clients, and reports with just one tool.
For Managers
save time and manage your team and tasks in one platform
Sales Team
Grow your sales activity and visualize your reports and pipelines.
HR teams
follow your new and current employees and all of HR needs.

Boost productivity by managing smartly  Taskedin’s features, More organized more
And many many more not named above. Click here for full benefit list

Some great features

Some of the features provided by Taskedin that help you manage your business easily
Task Checklists
Create projects
Taskedin specialist
Custom Task
Recurring Tasks
Set Roles
Workload View
2376 (1)
2376 (2)
2376 (4)
2376 (5)
2376 (3)
2376 (6)

HR consultant

This app is excellent. I was having issues at work, especially when someone assigned a task to an employee in another department. The app is greatly facilitated communication among company members and helped us do our responsibilities more quickly and efficiently.

Khaled Ramadan

Consultant of human resources

The rapid explanation of the application’s features brought me back to very basic principles in the science of people management and human resources that I had forgotten. In fact, “what cannot be measured cannot be evaluated or developed.” The application also assists us in distinguishing between the employee and the job (the employee may no longer exist, but the job must continue), and I see the application resolving these issues in a really unique and professional manner.

Mohamed Hassan

Business Development Manager

The application has several advantages that will save the organization time and help us measure the degree of employee performance. In addition to the availability of numerous other benefits, such as the ability to entirely restructure the organization and make it easily available to all members of the work team. It will also assist us as managers in following up on task implementation, calculating lost time, and establishing a timeframe for each task.

Mohamed Zolfakar

Projects Manager

I’m pretty happy with how the application works, how it’s presented, and how many details it covers. It may be more detailed than some of 

the well-known applications on which I worked.

Sameh Mekky

Egypt Workers Foundation

fantastic app concept, I was hunting for a team management tool that supported voice messages, and I finally discovered it, so please accept my heartfelt congratulations. I am confident that the application will continue to be very significant for all businesses, especially with the numerous tasks that we assign to employees that sometimes get overlooked in the midst of many details.

Egypt Workers Foundation

Packages & Pricing

Free Forever
Always free for 5 users
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Export & Share Reports
  • Up to 50 Users available
Annual package price per user
  • Full Analytics
  • Full Reports, API available
  • Unlimited Users
Monthly package price per user
  • Basic Analytics
  • Export Reports
  • Up to 10 Users available